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A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is required for entry into Indonesia. Australian passport holders do not require a visa for travel to Bali. Non-Australian passport holders must check with their travel agent or the Indonesian Consulate regarding their visa requirements.


Departure taxes ex Australia and ex Indonesia are prepaid with your air ticket prior to departure.


Make sure to consult your doctor for medical advice well in advance prior to your departure. Discuss your itinerary so your doctor can advise you regarding malaria tablets or any inoculations he might be recommending. Also make sure to bring sunscreen protection. It's wise to only drink bottled water to avoid stomach upsets.


We strongly recommend that travellers should protect themselves with adequate travel insurance. Ask your travel agent for details.


The unit of currency is the rupiah. We recommend traveller's cheques as the safest way to take money to Bali. Many ATM's are available in the more touristy areas. Credit cards are widely accepted in the bigger hotels and shops. Moneychangers are all over Bali and Lombok but be aware. Some have amazing ways of ripping off tourists. Ensure you count your money and have been given the right change.


While the national language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, English is understood widely, especially in hotels and tourist areas.


The average climate in Bali and Lombok is between 28 and 30 degrees throughout the year. However, between November and March tropical showers alternate with clear skies and sunshine. Bali's climate can be very humid but is ideal for holidays all year round.


Electric power in Bali is 220 volts. Not all hotels provide adaptors so it is advisable to bring your own with a two-prong plug.


Nyepi Day is a 'Day of Silence' in Bali during which, by law, tourists are required to stay within hotel grounds. This day generally falls in the month of March or April, and many festivals are held before and after this very special day.

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